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Microsoft and Samsung have co-organized the first edition of the Next Game Frontier conference, a technical web event purely dedicated to games made with web standards. The initial idea came after a discussion we had with Daniel Glazman from Samsung, David Catuhe and I during Paris Web 2013.

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Find more photos on Flickr : Next Game Frontier album (credits to Prélude)

We’ve decided to call it “Next Game Frontier” because we think that the web as a platform could be the next frontier for the gaming industry after the PC, the console and the mobile. I’m quite happy of the agenda we’ve managed to build. You’ll find it there: . Microsoft, Mozilla, Samsung, Ubisoft & well known speakers such as Jean-Marc Le Roux from Aerys, Jerome Etienne from Beloola & and Dominique from the W3C.

Quick introduction

Create a 3D game with WebGL and Babylon.js

You can watch the replay on Youtube:

You can find my slides on Slideshare: NGF2014 – Create a 3d game with webgl and babylon.js

If you’d like to test my demos, click on the following links:

1 – JS Software Engine Demo , associated tutorials: Tutorial series: learning how to write a 3D soft engine from scratch in C#, TypeScript or JavaScript
2 – Babylon.js Offline demos (with IndexedDB support)
3 – Omega Crusher – Simple shoot’em up
4 – Simple demo to let you drive a car
5 – Light Speed – a simple space shooter
6 – myGeoLive 3D Bing Maps
7 – BabylonHX – a HAXE port of Babylon.js
8 – Coding4Fun tutorial: creating a 3D WebGL procedural QRCode maze with Babylon.js

And of course, you can navigate into the Hill Valley demo if you’d like to:

The Web as a platform for games – from WebGL to asm.js

by Nicolas Silva from Mozilla.

Replay on Youtube:

Create 3D assets for the mobile world & the web, the point of view of a 3D designer

by Michel Rousseau from Microsoft.

Replay on Youtube:

: Create 3D assets for the mobile world & the web, the point of view of a 3D designer

Enhancing HTML5 gaming using WebCL

by Swaroop Kalasapur and Satheesh Sudarsan from Samsung.

Replay on Youtube:

How To Make Games in Three.js

by Jerome Etienne from Beloola

Replay on Youtube:

Slides: How To Make Games in Three.js

WebGL games with Minko

by Jean-Marc Le Roux from Aerys

Replay on Youtube:

: WebGL games with Minko

Rountable: open discussions around web gaming

by Stephen Shankland with Nicolas Silva (Mozilla), Satheesh Sudarsan (Samsung), Dom Hazael-Massieux (W3C), Christian Nasr (Ubisoft) and David Rousset (Microsoft)

Replay on Youtube:

That’s all folks!

I hope you’ll enjoy it. Let’s build some great games for the web now! Clignement d'œil

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